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Why Commercial Roof Coatings, LLC? Polyurethane Foam and Coatings are applied over metal roofs, and basically any surface on a flat roof. It seals and insulates all at once to reduce energy costs and eliminate condensation.
4 Acre Roof    

We were forever having leaks around pipes and protrusions. The Foam makes an extremely tight seal.
- The Dinner Bell, Eagleville, MO.

We have had terrible seam failure with our membrane roofs. The Foam is seamless, and it does stop leaks.
- Conception Abbey Monastery, Conception, MO.

We had Commercial Roof Coatings write the specs for the courthouse roof. It has been a great roof.
- Union County Engineer, Creston, IA.

We do Commercial and Industrial roofs and have done some flat roofs on houses. We also use coatings on metal roofs, sealing all seams with a mesh/fabric cloth, sealing all screw heads and spraying on one coat of Liquid Seal for a cost efficient roof. The bottom line is that white roofs just make sense because it stays cool and heat is one thing that ruins roofs.
Thank you for your interest in Commercial Roof Coatings, LLC. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call us at 800-728-0044. We love to hear from our customers, and we are glad to help in anyway we can.
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